What time of year is favourable to buy a car?
When it comes to buying a new vehicle, there are surely many stages that are better than others. Let’s have a look.

Time your purchase according to model updates
Vehicles generally have two cycles within their model lifetime, one when they’re launched and another three to five times latterly when they’re streamlined or facelifted. Towards the end of a model cycle, the soon- to-be-outgoing model will be available at a lower price. The same can be said when a model is replaced with a new variant, where the gregarious model will be going for a frequently heavily lowered price.

At the end of any month
Like any trade-related position, the representatives at a vehicle dealership have targets to reach on a yearly base, so they are more likely to strike a good deal at the end of the month when they’re under pressure to reach specific deal targets.

End of year
The end of a year is generally quite a great time to buy a vehicle for two reasons. Originally, the manufacturers will want to move as important stock as possible before the joyous season break, meaning that there will be deals on offer, just a reminder that you may not have your exact pick of specification and colour. The coming benefit, particularly when purchasing in December is the possibility that your new vehicle is only registered in the next year, enhancing its resale value and giving the proprietor some satisfaction knowing that for the coming year they’re driving an auto registered for the first time in the current year.