Bakkies have become the most popular and famous Dad vehicle in South Africa, due to their versatility and ruggedness. Here is our Top 4 Bakkies for your dad.

Ford Ranger FX4

The Ford Ranger FX4 may be an American vehicle but this version is said to have great driving quality, smooth drivetrain, appealing looks, clever tech.

This is more of a luxury option as the bakkie drives like a sedan with light steering, which is unique for a bakkie of this size.

The sheer power of its 4×4 capabilities is driving this Ford to the top of the South African market.

Toyota Hilux Raider

This Bakkies is the most famous in South Africa for a reason, the exterior looks clean yet mean, and ready to take on any obstacles.

The engine produces a very respectable amount of mid-range torque especially when combined with the built-in sports driving more and it offers a great middle ground between features, comfortability, performance and affordability

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a navigation system which should have been standard in this high luxury car. but it does boast a wide range of safety features making you feel extra comfortable taking on the rough terrain in South Africa

Nissan Navara

The Nissan Navara is a solid option for any dad. The bold and powerful feel of the new Bakkies, along with the clean sleek aerodynamic design makes this Bakkie a dream to drive in. With a spacious interior, you can comfortably fit your family in for a fun drive through the beautiful South African wilderness. Overall, the Navara is a good vehicle from Nissan but may struggle to compete with its above average price range.

VW Amarok

The VW Amarok is the most premium bakkie on our list. This bakkie takes the interior luxury of a sports car and combines it with the power and toughness of a bakkie to create an easy to drive yet very powerful vehicle that can do it all. The 2-tonne weight isn’t a problem with the massive V6 engine and smooth 4×4 engineering allowing you to take on the most adventurous terrain in comfort. If you have a bigger budget, then this is the bakkie for you!

These 4 bakkies are on top for a reason! Make sure that you are ready for an adventure this winter, check out WP Motors for all your pre-owned bakkie and vehicle needs!


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