Loadshedding is back! One of the main issues caused by loadshedding is traffic light outages – leading to major traffic jams and road rage for many. The most important thing to remember during these times is that an intersection should be treated as a four-way stop, following the first come-first serve concept.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to follow this sometimes “unspoken rule” and many disobey it, causing chaos and confusion. Below are some tips to keep in mind when you find yourself at an intersection during loadshedding.

You will need to be cautious and slow down when approaching an intersection, coming to a complete stand-still to allow cars that were there before you to go. The flow of traffic will be coming from all four directions, so you will need to pay attention to when you arrived and who arrived before and after you, so that you can proceed across the intersection at the correct time. Make sure that you check all lanes before going, as cars will be traveling straight through the middle of the intersection as well as turning into different lanes across the intersection.

If it is your turn to go but you notice another driver coming at the same time, it is better for you to wait and allow them to proceed to avoid possible collisions or altercations. Once you are certain that it is clear, you can go. This rule applies to all drivers in the intersection. If you see cars proceeding when it is not their turn, rather sit back and allow them to go.

Do not forget about pedestrians in this scenario as the same rule applies to them when wanting to cross the road. At the same time, you always get drivers who try to avoid the traffic by illegally driving in the yellow lane or on the left shoulder of the road, but keep in mind that these drivers will eventually need to move back into the road. Always double-check your mirrors before making a move.

You can never be too careful in this situation. It is much safer to check and double-check when entering and exiting an intersection during loadshedding. Remember, everyone is in the same situation, so remain calm and wait your turn to ensure a safe crossing. It is important that you feel safe, prepared, and confident in these situations.

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