Holiday season is almost upon us. Get ready for fun activities and beautiful road trips with your family and friends. Here is our list of road trip tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your off time.

Pack toys and a tablet 

Gone are the days of the infamous “Are we there yet?” & “How long still?” lines. Make sure you avoid these very distracting questions by packing in entertainment for your kids. A tablet or your kid’s favourite toys will serve as a great distraction for them, whilst you focus on the road and keeping everyone safe.

Stop and enjoy along the way

Whilst on your journey, make sure to make time for stops along the way. Especially in South Africa there is so much to do and see. Almost every little dorpie or farm stall will have more history than you could ever imagine and stopping at random places along the way will create a unique experience for you and your family.

For the drivers

Plan in advance

Mark out the route you want to take on a map. This will allow you to make time for unknown situation, such as bathroom breaks, car problems, as well as random entertainment along the way. If you are travelling for days at a time, make sure to plan, much needed rest break as driving tired is even more dangerous than drinking and driving.

Get enough sleep

Make sure to get a good night’s rest as driving long distances can be extremely exhausting especially focusing for long periods at a time. A proper rest will ensure safety for you and your passengers.

Stay hydrated

Bring a lot of water on your journey. While caffeine, coffee and energy drinks may keep you awake, they do cause dehydration, which can lead to lack of concentration and faintness.

Check tyres, windscreen, and liquid levels

Before you leave, make sure to have your car checked. This includes your tire pressure, brake fluid and oil level as well as the spare tire and tools for fixing any problems along the way. This will allow you and your family to feel at ease when travelling knowing if anything were to happen that you can deal with it.