We all know that feeling…

The feeling of trading in a vehicle that you have had for a few years, grown attached to, however you know you need to upgrade and find another vehicle to join the family. There are many people that tend to settle when it comes to buying cars, by settling I mean owning a vehicle that does not suit you and what you want. The right vehicle makes you wake up every morning with the words, “Good Morning Beautiful” before heading out for the day and double checking the keys to make sure this is REALLY your vehicle.

At WP Motors we want to create realities that come from your very own dreams! Life is short, but with us you can make it nothing short of pure joy. We recommend you choose WP Motors to bring your dream vehicle from your mind into your garage. Why? Well, here’s only a few reasons, since we can’t list all the reasons which would take up the entire afternoon to read through.

  • Options – We have vehicles of all types, brands and styles that suits everybody in their own way. Premium brands if that is what your dream vehicle comes from or all your other favourite brands. Types of vehicles from cars, SUV’s and bakkies!
  • Vehicles made for your budget – no matter what your budget is, there is a dream vehicle in our stock. We have vehicles under R200 000 and vehicles that go up to R800 000, we cater for everybody.
  • Dekra Approved – All our vehicles have the stamp of approval from Dekra themselves ensuring that your dream vehicle will not disappoint.
  • Excellent trad-in process – guaranteed quick and easy procedure for your trade-in
  • Nationwide Delivery – no matter what province you are in, your dream vehicle will meet you there.
  • Our offers on our vehicles do not require a deposit!
  • Stock updates frequently – this indicates that if you are in search of a certain vehicle, we will be on the lookout for it
  • Sales staff – a 5-star sales team energized every day to assist


These are only a few reasons we do not want any of our customers to drive away not satisfied with their vehicle choice or service that they have received. We are here for you, and as we said before, your dream is what we want to change into your reality. That all leaves one question, are you ready to stop dreaming it and drive it?